"It is a great honor and privilege having Erin as my personal trainer. She has an abundance of knowledge and expertise in fitness. Erin is wonderful at accommodating and tailoring our sessions around my injuries and illnesses. She has helped me achieve my goals of full body strengthening, coordination, balance and flexibility. I always look forward to our sessions! "  

 –Jess, Portland OR

“I feel like I have a foot now instead of a block of wood. I am able to feel my foot going up and down stairs evenly instead of jolting from the right foot onto the left.”  

—Elizabeth, Neosho MO

“It is such a journey and joy discovering and rediscovering my body. My feet have been such an amazing part of that journey and so much echos from what I’ve learned from you. Also the bit about intuitive eating has helped me trust myself and really inward. . . you have helped me trust myself and my intuition and I feel like Dorothy clicking her heels together sometimes (see? Feet again!)" 

—Stephanie, Seattle WA

“Erin is sensitive to each individual's needs, a creative problem solver, and a vast well of knowledge. She encourages intuition and exploration in her work, and she has a healing presence. I cannot recommend her highly enough for all bodywork and training.”  

—Katrina, Portland OR

“I always look forward to my sessions with Erin! She’s has a wealth of knowledge in functional movements, flexibility and strength training. Erin always goes way beyond my expectations and pushes me to be my best self. I always feel more energetic and full of life after our sessions!” 

J, Portland OR

“Erin is passionate and knowledgable about human movement and  she can be tailor each visit to meet your specific needs. She has many different certifications for training/coaching and her level of expertise shows. I always leave her studio feeling more flexible and even more hopeful!”

—Fletcher, Portland OR

“Erin was so helpful when my knee was acting up, that turned out to be a hip issue. She was so gentle and I was very impressed with her all her knowledge. My knee and hips are feeling much better! Would definitely recommend her to all my friends and family.” 

—Faye, Portland, OR

"I went to Erin for cranio-sacral work for several sessions over a few months. I live with nearly constant pain and her gentle healing touch gave me remarkable relief! Erin's energy is calm, caring, warm, friendly, and fully accepting and positive, and that enhances the experience of working with her in addition to her knowledge of movement and her healing hands.

I highly recommend reaching out to her for your best health!"

—Jubilee, Portland OR

"Erin has a beautiful way of following the lead of her clients allowing them to follow their own inner wisdom. She has a sweet and gentle way of working with clients that really shows her care for them." 

—Tara, Portland OR

"Erin helped me prepare for and recover from a total knee replacement. She is patient and thorough. Listens to her clients and works very hard to create a positive and comfortable space for this process!"

---Jen, Portland OR

"Erin Boyt is an extraordinary practitioner. Her intelligence, heartfelt compassion and magical touch effortlessly guides her clients to reconnect with parts of themselves that may have been injured, forgotten or lost in the complexity of modern life. She achieves this through her full-body approach to Craniosacral therapy; utilizing the lightest, nurturing touch to encourage self-renewal.

Erin’s gentle, intuitive approach transforms the fight or flight reflex that many of us hold in response to stress into a lovely sense of “peace and release.” This can be felt in the field she sets even before the session begins. Her hands-on touch then immediately brings this elevated field into the client’s physical form. By utilizing this fundamental level of renewal through support of the nervous system—the command and control center of life—her clients feel safe and supported in releasing physical, intellectual and emotional layers of holding that may have kept them from realizing their higher potential. When therapeutic dialogue around these releases is needed, Erin has the intelligence and intuitive wisdom to facilitate even higher levels of resolution. This access to one’s inherent renewal of health is the essence of the full-body Craniosacral Therapy that Erin offers her clients. Erin is a star… she has my highest recommendation."

---Dave, Portland OR

"Erin, made me feel so comfortable to work with her, she was so good about asking questions and asking me what my needs were so she could help get those needs met. My experience with each session was so healing, and my body felt the most relax I never know my nervous system needed. Highly recommend, she is such a gem!"

---Erin V., Portland OR

"I had a basic CST session with Erin recently and felt much better after. CST work is great for settling and balancing the nervous system, and Erin's got a super gentle, soothing touch, perfect for this modality. She sees clients at her studio in Portland and also at a wellness center in Tigard. "

---Nik, San Francisco CA

"I always have such wonderful sessions with Erin. She facilitates an environment of peace and warmth, allowing for full relaxation and deep healing to occur. "

---Catherine, Portland OR

"I had several treatments from Erin over the course of a few months, mostly because I was curious to learn more about craniosacral therapy (CST). Her gentle, welcoming spirit gave me confidence immediately that she would offer excellent treatment, and she did. She is a good listener and provided thorough intake, was a great communicator about the nature of CST, and provided thoughtful, gentle treatment. I spent much of my time on her table in a blissed out lala-land state and emerged profoundly relaxed. My main health complaint is insomnia, and her treatments definitely helped. Also, as a dancer and athlete and personal trainer, she really understands the body."

---A., Portland OR