About Me

As a kid, my nickname was “whirly girl," so suffice it to say that sitting still was never my thing. I’d much rather be running around in the woods than reading books and I’ve never lasted more than a few weeks at a desk job. So, it is no surprise to anyone that life took me down a path of movement and dance.

My relationship with movement has not always been easy. As a dance professional, I regularly experienced debilitating injuries that kept me from doing the thing I loved most. But instead of learning to move better, I learned to push through the pain. Traditional physical therapy gave me little to no respite, and when I began as personal trainer in 2007, I was at a loss to help clients who experienced chronic pain or injuries.

Deep down I knew it didn’t have to be this way. Something was missing, but I didn’t know what. Instead of crawling out of the dance studio and back to PT, I sought education in anatomy, biomechanics, and somatic practices. Since beginning my expedition beyond the walls of conventional methods, I have learned new ways of teaching, training, and helping clients connect with their bodies on a deeper level.

“I feel like I have a foot now instead of a block of wood. I am able to feel my foot going up an down stairs evently instead of jolting from the right foot onto the left.”